You need the Back Story:
This design is inspired by the two great friends Beamus and Rosemarry. They can often be found laying about the tundra -- sunning, day dreaming and snarfling slowly uttering barely audible grunts. These 2 Walruses are the best of friends. They are honored with this Tshirt as a symbol of friendship.
Everything that you love about a classic vintage t-shirts. That perfect ready to wear, goes great with jeans feel and fit. Every thing's rad about this brand new vintage Tee. This is the famous tr401 That vintage style tshirt with a slight scoop neck.
Key Selling Points:
• Just about the coolest t-shirt you'll own this year. • This unique American Apparel tri-blend T-shirt is both comfortable and hip • Polyester is used to retain shape and elasticity • Cotton adds a feel of both comfort and durability • Rayon has a unique texture that casually drapes against the body • This shirt is a Slim fit • It has a Slight scoop neck • Oh Yeah it's also made in Los Angeles CA USA
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