To Help Otters

At Flashmats we are passionate about two things: designing placemats and otters. From our website you can see our graphic art skills and designer placemats. But hopefully you can also see our love for Otters. At Flashmats we are doing our part to help Wild Otters. Every year we donate a portion of our earnings to help Otters. They bring joy to our harts and we hope they do so to your's as well. With your every purchase at we will donate 10% to help Otters.

Otter Expertly Diving Fearless and Proud

But if you want to donate on your own we highly encourage you. The two following organizations are the two we endorse and support:


The California Sea Otter Fund



Friends of the Sea Otter






Name:  Enhydra lutris

Length: California sea otters grow to about 4 feet; Northern sea otters are slightly larger.

Weight: With California sea otters, 45 lbs (females) to 65 lbs (males). Northern sea otters can reach up to 100 pounds.