Flash Otter Letterman Sticker 3-Pack

The quintessential classic Flashmats.com sticker. Pack of 3 "Flash Otter Letterman" Stickers.

    What's the Back Story:

    When Flash Otter was attending the University College of Monterey Bay (UCMB) as a Freshman he tried out for the swim team. At his first swim tryout 30 meter sprint, he crushed all collegiate records, immediately advancing from recruit to Varsity Team Captain and head of his local Lutrinae Fraternity Chapter in the very same moment, or so the legend goes. This Sticker commemorates his collegiate achievements both in and out of the aquatic center. 

     Key Selling Points:

    • 2.5" H x 1.5" W
    • Durable & Weatherproof Vinyl
    • Printed in the USA
    • Pack of 3 Stickers

     Check the Details:

    Each set contains 3 Stickers. Flash stickers are fun for kids of all ages! They come in a pack of 3. Flash stickers are sure to enhance anything you stick them on. Decorate and personalize your laptop, car window, or stick them wherever stickers tend to congregate.


    Directions for a smooth application:

    • Prep your surface (like a laptop)
    • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth
    • Make sure it's thoroughly clean & dry
    • Peel away the wax paper backing exposing the sticky side
    • Adhere the sticker by pressing from the middle to the edges
    • Push any air bubbles away
    • Now just firmly Rub Rub Rub