Learn Cursive ABCs Placemat

The classic learn your ABCs cursive penmanship learning guide. The ABCs Cursive Flashmat has Capital and lower case letters including numbers 1 - 10 as well as punctuation marks.


What's the Back Story:

Today everyone types on a keyboard or texts on a phone. Just about the only time you write in cursive is to sign your name or fill out a check (and even these are quickly disappearing).  Nonetheless cursive penmanship is a sign of education, elegance and eloquence. Give your child the gift of cursive penmanship along with one more subtle advantage

 Key Selling Points:

• Double-sided mat is easy to clean, durable and reusable
• Detailed lettering of A through Z, numbers & punctuation
 Detailed examples of upper and lower case
 BPA and PVC free, made of PET safe plastic

 Check the Details:

Cursive which is also known as script or longhand is the style of penmanship where letters joined together and written in a flowing manner.

Your child's public education system Common Core curriculum standards removed cursive penmanship in 2013. With that removal are far reaching implications. There is a wealth of information locked in cursive script.
Which future generations might not be able to decipher and intern these ornamental treasures, including letters and handwritten important documents like the Declaration of Independence.

Farther reaching implications are those forced upon the developing child psyche. According to Psychology Today on Learning Cursive and Affects on Intelligence.

  • On average children "expressed more ideas when writing essays by hand versus with a keyboard." 
  • The mechanism of "Cursive writing helps train the brain to integrate visual (and) tactile information, and fine motor dexterity."
  • Parts of the brain activated during reading are also "activated during hand writing, but not during typing."