To Serve Otters

No not a Cookbook. An altruistic endeavor to raise awareness and money for the charitable benefaction of conservation efforts for protecting wild Otters.

My family and I started Flashmats while sidelined on an European Vacation. We always had a penchant for trivia, learning and infographic study guides. Dinner time at our house is always a time to share our day, things we learned and to discuss anything from science to geopolitical current events. Along with our open table conversation is the ever present dinner time place setting. Ever since our children were toddlers we had learning guide placemats. While visiting the great historical epicenters of civilization and higher learning, we dreamed up this endeavor.

What makes this undertaking that much more special for us, is our family's love for Otters. We first met and fell in love with these endearing creatures while traversing the wild & pristine Central Californian Coast. From Morro Bay to Monterey you can find Wild California Sea Otters hard at work and play. 

Sadly, Otters were almost driven to extinction due to materialistic mercantile practices of 19th century fur trappers, explorers and coastal pioneers. While Otters have started making a comeback, their plight is far from over. Many species and subspecies of Otters are severely threatened, endangered and on the brink of extinction. It's not because they are so cute (which they are), but because they are a Keystone Species, we must do our part to help ensure their survival.

Please join me, my family and Flash Weasel (he's really an Otter) in doing our part to help preserve and nurture these wonderful creatures back to healthy and thriving populations.   

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